HOMEXPRESS is a free direct mail advertising magazine. It is used as a coffee table magazine and a reference guide to create utility and convenience

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About us

WE are now BrandInicio

HOMEXPRESS is a free direct mail advertising magazine. It is used as a coffee table magazine and a reference guide to create utility and convenience. And is distributed to 63,000 homes in Karachi and Lahore every month with a shelf life of one month.

We are in Business for the past 12 years and have reached more than 450,000 readers and catered to above 700 clients every month. We have gained trust over 3,500 customers over the years and are now gearing up to launch in Islamabad and Dubai soon

Column Title

Column Content.

Why HX

it is a coffee table magazine delivered free-of-cost, without any hassle at the door-step of the reader.

it sets trends and sparks awareness across our target market.

it caters to board spectrum of consumers belonging to different age group, lifestyle and professions and covers all genres of daily life.

Economical and flexile prices through different sizes and issues.

Caters to the niche market of major city areas (A+ and B+).

We have our own well established distribution system for HOMEXPRESS.

Additional services of designing, photography and copywriting are also available for our clients.

It is the only available magazine which caters to all categories of daily life.

It has a shelf life of one month which gives the reader the liberty to refer to it

It is now used as a shopping guide magazine with current value deals.

Sampling is another popular marketing tool used via HOMEXPRESS. Corporates and other bigwigs have used it and have been tremendously successful in the process. Free sachets of Delve, National Foods (Biryani), Sweet Hill, Pantene and Head & Shoulders were distributed in the past few months. The response it earned was superb and has added further more attraction and value.

Flexible prices

Economical and flexile prices through different sizes and issues.

Target audience

Caters to the niche market of major city areas (A+ and B+)


Additional services of designing, photography and copywriting are also available for our clients.

Shelf life

It is now used as a shopping guide magazine guide magazine with current value deals.


We Are Here For You

Team HOMEXPRESS offer its client a multitude of services.


HOMEXPRESS is published once a month. There are 7 issues of the magazine rolled out every month. 73,500 copies are distributed directly to our readers’ houses. The areas that we reach out to are North, Gulshan, KDA, Clifton, Defense and Lahore. Please see our Distribution maps for further details on distribution.


HOMEXPRESS has an In-House design studio. We have an extremely talented of experienced designers who come up with cult and creative ads for your business. Our client servicing and creative staff ensures that the AD design is set up according to the client’s needs and requirements for example Sems, Hanif Rajput, Patel Hospital, Pink Cadillac, Food Center, Kolachi and many more.


We have an in-house team of highly qualified and skilled photographers. Our client’s product shoots and location shoots are planned and executed by us. We ensure quality oriented photography because that will lay the foundation of good quality Ads published in HOMEXPRESS. We also offer additional photography services for product photography, fashion, landscaping and we can offer video shoot too.


We also entertain our clients with Copy-writing services for their Ads advertised in HOMEXPRESS. We have an experienced team of in-house copy writers who work round the clock to give your Ads the right copy.

Product Sampling

Product Sampling is a very popular services offered by HOMEXPRESS availed by many of our clients. Our clients can sample out their products above 4.5 lakh readers via HOMEXPRESS. Corporate sector has frequently used this service and has been very successful. Free sachets of Vasline, Delve(Shan), National Foods, Sweet Hill, Pantene, Horlicks etc have been distributed in the past few months. It is the Cheapest way to do live sampling/product trial at Rs.5/- per sampling.


HOMEXPRESS is printed at the leading print houses of the country. We work hard to ensure that the quality of our magazine is not compromised at all. We also offer Printing solutions of various kinds for our clients. We deal in flyer, brochure, visiting cards and catalogue printing as well.

Social Media

We also offer our clients Social Media Marketing services. We engage closely with the client to build up his social media fan following in order to attract more business via this medium. Our experienced, qualified and dedicated team of social media strategists works round the clock to deliver you the desired results.

Corporate Identity

Strategy is brain behind anyone’s business. We are aware of this and value your investment in HOMEXPRESS. This is the reason why we work closely with our clients and help him devise his strategy for advertising. We give them ideas regarding brand association with HOMEXPRESS and help them develop their long term and short term strategy for his business

Our Work

Some Recent Projects

Presenting our design portfolio. Click on an image to enlarge it and read its story


We Make Our Customers Happy

Our process is simple and efficient is designed to make reaching people as easy for you as possible. It takes place in the following four steps


You can book your ad through our representative or online.


Your ad brief will be conveyed to our designers who will creatively design your ad.


The finalized ad will be sent for printing in our monthly magazine.


The magazines carrying your ad will be delivered to 73,000 homes!

Our Numbers

Because big numbers look cool!

Clients every month
3500 over the years
Clients till now

These numbers also make us feel proud of ourselves for serving you for years. We will continue to do so!

Our Skills

Our Main Skills

We are here to serve you with our multitude of services to make your brand bigger and better.

Our staff is not only qualified but enthusiastic and passionate about what they do and give their 100% to it.

All our departments play important role in completion of your ad from designing to distribution.

MARKETING DEPARTMENT They approach you and inform you about our services and make promises to deliver the best solution for your brand.

CREATIVE DEPARTMENT These creative people design your campaigns and execute what’s best for your business.

FINANCE DEPARTMENT These guys handle bills and provide a smooth way for us to deliver you the best. They also give salaries which makes everyone super pumped to work more!

DISTRIBUTION DEPARTEMENT These hard-workers deliver the magazine to 73,000 homes every month!

ADMIN DEPARTMENT They provide us security, transport and make sure there’s always enough tea.

Hard Work


Keep In Touch

Tel.: +92 (213) 539-2213

3rd & 4th floor, Plot # 129 C, 9th Commercial Street, Kh-e-Bahria, PHase 4, Karachi, Pakistan